Agnus Dei Teaching School Alliance

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Educational History

  • MA English literature
  • BA English language and literature (with French &Arabic)

Current position: Head of Year – MFL Teacher (French and Spanish)
Current school: The Palmer Catholic Academy

Previous roles

  • ICT leader (VLE)
  • Key Stage 4 coordinator
  • Student teachers’ mentor
  • 2i/c responsible for KS 3&4
  • Acting Head of MFL

Experience in education

  • Teaching French to A Level
  • Delivery of the new AQA GCSE specification
  • Staff wellbeing project lead
  • Designing bespoke resources and assessments
  • Establishing a partnership with a school in France
  • Coaching examiners to conduct AQA MFL speaking exams

CPD and presentations delivered

  • ICT in MFL
  • Using ICT to enhance teaching and learning
  • Launching and populating the academy VLE
  • Option evening presentations to parents on MFL GCSE.
  • Pathways to leadership- Personal Journey
  • Wellbeing focus group sessions
  • ‘Raising the Bar’ according to Chris Moyes


  • Raising attainment in MFL
  • Improving punctuality, attendance and behaviour