WANT  a sure-fire way to feel Christmassy? Then why not pop this date in your diary to come along to the St Bonaventure’s traditional beautiful carol service in St Antony’s Church on Thursday, December 20, at 7pm.

The whole evening will be heartwarming with musical acts including the school choir, Year 7 choir, house band and staff choir.

Soloists will be performing as well as students enacting glad tidings from the nativity.

Tickets are not required as this is a free event.

Complimentary mince pies and mulled wine will be served after the service.

There will be a collection for the Christian Communities in the Holy Land at the end of the evening.

Mr Halliwell added: “This is the event that really kicks Christmas off for me every year.  The church looks beautiful with twinkling candles and the performances are so moving it really does make me feel very proud and sets the scene for the festive season so well.”

Curriculum Leader for Music, Ms Warren, has been busy all term preparing the various choirs and fine tuning their set.

Mr Halliwell wants as many parents and carers to try and make the carol service and find out the true meaning of Christmas by sharing in this wonderful magical musical event.


We are all praying for 6th Form A Level student, Dalton Bally, who is 17, after he was interviewed at Churchill College, Cambridge, last week where he hopes to study medicine next year.

This is fantastic news and a great boost for Dalton.

Dalton  is currently studying  Biology, Chemistry and Maths and you might remember him from the video on YouTube from a few weeks back showing Dalton tutoring keen Year 11 Physics students from St Bon’s in Stratford library one Friday evening captured by Action Jackson.

We are all thinking of him and wish him lots of luck.

Director of 6th Form, Mr Templeman, has promised to keep us posted.



10 Heath’s Shams Ullah was today awarded November’s Jack Petchey Award by Acting Headteacher, Mr Templeman.

14-year-old Shams was nominated by Deputy Headteacher, Mr McCormack, for his outstanding work with  the mental health service Headstart Newham that works closely with schools and the community to transform how young people and their families are supported.

Shams represents St Bonaventure’s really well and is an excellent champion for the service.

He is a mature and likeable student who inspires lots of boys in school to get involved with Headstart to develop and build coping strategies and resilience.

Well done Shams.




THIS week, ten of our Year 11 students completed the second part of their GCSE PE cycling course.
All boys displayed great enthusiasm and effort throughout the two days and have come away with strong practical grades as a result according to Mr Firth.
The Top Performer title went tor was Tristen Tenido, although Julien Lath did manage to beat Mr Templeman in the timed trial which caused much joy to the boys and made Mr Templeman more determined to up his game next year.
Leading Practitioner for Languages Ms Prichard has been sharing her knowledge of German traditions and customs with her Year 7 German linguists all this term and the latest festive custom they learned about went down really well. 
St Nicholas traditionally leaves chocolates, nuts and oranges on St Nicholas Day as a treat for good boys and girls in shoes that are left out by excited children in the hope they will be filled with goodies when they wake in the morning. 
Twigs and lumps of coal can also be left if the ‘kinder’ haven’t been so good all year but our boys were hopeful they had been little angels and St Nick would fill their shoes with nice treats. 
Our lads got involved and left their shoes outside the door of their classroom to be filled by St Nicholas. 
It was a tense wait and at the end of the lesson the anticipation was over and Ms Prichard was delighted to report that as her Year 7 class had all been well behaved this year the news was all good. 
There were plenty of smiling faces all round as the boys went out to collect their filled shoes for the little angels  to enjoy their yummy treats. 
What a fun way to learn about how our European neighbours spend this special season. 
Thanks Ms Prichard or should that be Mrs Claus?


Football crazy Divin Mubama who is 14 and on Year 9 was given the first Jack Petchey award of the year for September last week.
Mr Halliwell called him into his office to tell him Mr Bartlett had nominated him for his consistent excellence in sport. He added that he is a brilliant footballer and fantastic role model. Divin represented England in the summer when his team played against Mexico. 
Divin encourages others in school to pursue their interest in sport and helps them do their best. 
Well done Divin.


October’s Jack Petchey award was given to a Year 7 boy last week.  
This is a very unusual step for a new student to be given such an accolade but this student impressed the Head so much the rules were broken to accommodate this excellent pupil. 
Brian Chyzowski who is 11 and joined St Bonaventure’s 12 weeks ago from Shaftesbury  Primary School and settled straight in.
Although Brian is a new Bon’s boy he has already demonstrated lots of enthusiasm and organisational skills and determination. 
He went to see the Head about starting a card club and set about designing posters and marketing them. The club is proving popular.
“The club is a good way for new students to get to know each other” commented Mr Halliwell. He added: “Brian is very keen and he is to be applauded for his direct approach and can do attitude.”
Brian plans on designing  and buying special badges and awards for his club with his £250 award money. 


Just a reminder that tomorrow, Tuesday November 20, school is open as usual for all staff and students.

The only change is that Reception will close at 4pm and there will be no after school clubs, detentions or sporting activities so staff can leave to attend the planned demonstration outside the Catholic Cathedral in Westminster.

The protest is to secure funding for education and to protest against cuts to school funding.

No student should be in school after 4pm.




A group of our scientists have made it through to the next stage of the RSC Chemistry  Mastermind Competition’s Essex heat.

This is brilliant news especially as it’s the first time the school has taken part.

Kairon Conception from 11 Bell, Shams Ullah from 10 Heath and William Mena and Selorm Amenu from 9 Gregory had to complete a gruelling test that was marked externally.

Mr Adenekan was thrilled when he heard St Bonaventure’s had been placed in the top 7 out of 41 schools that participated,  most of them fee paying and grammar schools  from across Essex.

The lads prepared by having additional booster classes and tests to decide who would go on to represent the school.

Mr Halliwell wishes them all the luck in the world at the semi finals next month.


This lunchtime Cardinal Manning Hall was alive with the sound  of music as our talented performers and musicians put on a concert for staff and students.

Head of Music, Ms Warren  and Mr Reece should feel very proud as it was spectacular and a great way to spend lunchtime.

Here are some of the performers in action.