Video produced by St Bonaventure’s alumni, Jordan Velinor*

Here at St Bonaventure’s School we welcome your application for a place at our school.

St Bonaventure’s has a long and distinguished history. Our school has been providing the very best education for Roman Catholic boys in the East End of London since 1875. I am sure that you and your son will want to be part of our on-going success.
Our school motto, “In Sanctitate et Doctrina” symbolises what we expect from all members of our school community.
We are a Roman Catholic school, founded on gospel values and our boys are an important and integral part of the faith community. Christian principles are at the very heart of all that we do at St Bonaventure’s.
We expect everyone in our school to make the most of their opportunities, to learn something new each day and to reflect upon their experiences. We expect our students to work hard and always try their very best at everything that they do. We will assist them, by providing them with the best possible learning environment and outstanding teaching, in an atmosphere of order, discipline and Christian love.
In March 2009, an inspection led by one of Her Majesty’s Inspectors of Schools, stated that:
“St Bonaventure’s continues to be an outstanding school”. This was building upon the achievement of the recognition in 2006, that our school was Outstanding. We are very proud of our school and our students.
It is very heartening to have a professional and external organisation confirm what we already know. They were also able to support our mission statement and said: “St Bonaventure’s provides a community where each individual student can grow spiritually, academically and socially”.
Our examination results have shown consistent improvement year on year, our teachers and students are determined to ensure that this continues. St Bonaventure’s is recognised as a High Performing School, this is a standard that is not awarded easily by the Department for Education and recently the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust has awarded us the title of Consultant School.
We offer our students a variety of opportunities and experiences which we feel nurture their unique characters and talents and enables them to be the best that they can be. We welcome visitors and parents to come and experience for themselves, the very special spirit that is recognised by all who visit St Bonaventure’s.
This is a school that every member of the school and wider community feels privileged to be associated with.

Mr C McCormack – Headteacher