The Religious Education Department

St Bon’s RE Dept Resource Site

  • Curriculum Leader of RE : Mr M Boniecki
  • Assistant Subject Leader of RE (KS3):¬†Miss D Baidoo

The Aims of Religious Education

1. to engage in a systematic study of the mystery of God, of the life and teaching of Jesus Christ, the teachings of the Church, the central beliefs that Catholics hold, the basis for them and the relationship between faith and life;

2. to enable pupils continually to deepen their religious and theological understanding and be able to communicate this effectively;

3. to present an authentic vision of the Church’s moral and social teaching to provide pupils
with a sure guide for living and the tools to critically engage with contemporary culture and

4. to give pupils an understanding of the religions and worldviews present in the world today and the skills to engage in respectful and fruitful dialogue with those whose worldviews differ from their own;

5. to develop the critical faculties of pupils so to bring clarity to the relationship between faith
and life, and between faith and culture;

6. to stimulate pupils’ imagination and provoke a desire for personal meaning as revealed in the truth of the Catholic faith;

7. to enable pupils to relate the knowledge gained through religious education to their
understanding of other subjects in the curriculum.

The outcome of excellent religious education is religiously literate and consciously engaged
young people who have the knowledge, understanding, and skills ‚Äď appropriate to their age
and capacity ‚Äď to reflect spiritually, and think ethically and theologically, and who recognise the demands of religious commitment in everyday life.

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