We are currently experiencing the most tumultuous political climate that we have faced in decades. In the aftermath of a pandemic, which has had far reaching consequences for millions, if not billions of people, what does the rest of this decade have in store for us?  If the previous one is anything to go by, there is potentially more political turmoil ahead. What better time to take on a new challenge and study a subject that will help provide clarity to these uncertain times?

The Politics Department at St. Bonaventure’s is committed to the personal development of every student under our care. We have chosen a specification that is relevant to  their lives and experiences. Students are required to debate ideologies, review and analyse systems of government and understand the political history of both the UK and the USA. They must grasp complex political ideas and embrace and develop their own political opinions. With a key focus on personal development, the department is determined to ensure our students leave active citizens who are able to make informed choices and have a positive impact on society as a whole.

As a department, we have helped to develop students into independent enquirers who are able to critically analyse events both in a political and a wider sense. We have developed students who are confident in their ability to analyse and engage with those around them. We as a department have also given students the skills required to thrive at university and wider life, whether it be through preparation for public presenting, writing skills or general interpersonal skills. Many students choose related courses at university showing how much they enjoy our course of study.

We guarantee that the students at St. Bonaventure’s will receive the best opportunities available, so that they may achieve their full potential. We provide a broad and varied super-curricular programme, including the opportunity to engage in debates, reading groups, trips to Parliament and the Supreme Court and also to various universities’ public lectures. Also, throughout the year there will  be guest speakers invited to speak to the students.

Mr Lennox – Curriculum Leader for Politics


Exam Board: Students follow the Edexcel syllabus.  For more information see the Edexcel website. The course is 100% exam with no coursework required.

Course of Study Overview:

Year 12

Component 1: UK Politics & Core Political Ideas

Political Participation

  • Democracy and Political Participation
  • Political Parties
  • Electoral Systems
  • Voting Behaviour and the Media

Core Political Ideas

  • Conservatism
  • Liberalism
  • Socialism

Component 2: UK Government & Core Political Ideas

UK Government

  • Constitution
  • Parliament
  • Prime Minister and Executive
  • Relationships between the Branches

Non-Core Political Ideas

  • Feminism

Year 13 

Component 3: Comparative Politics USA

  • Constitution and Federalism
  • US Congress
  • US Presidency
  • US Supreme Court and Civil Rights
  • Democracy and Participation
  • Comparative Theories

Useful Resources: Textbooks

  • Edexcel A Level Politics by Sarra Jenkins, John Jefferies and David Tuck
  • Edexcel A Level UK Government & Politics by Neil McNaughton and Toby Cooper
  • Edexcel A Level US Government & Politics by Anthony J Bennett, David Tuck and Sime Lemieux
  • Political Ideas for A Level: Liberalism, Conservatism, Socialism, Feminism, Anarchism by Neil McNaughton and Richard Kelly

Useful Resources: Keeping up with Current Affairs

It is crucial for any Politics student to have an acute awareness of current affairs. Below are a list of suggested news outlets and other resources to help you can keep up to date with what is going on in Westminster and beyond.


  • The Guardian
  • The Telegraph
  • The Times
  • The Observer
  • The Spectator
  • The New Statesman


  • Politics Live
  • Channel 4 News
  • Newsnight
  • Question Time
  • BBC Parliament


  • Week in Westminster
  • Westminster Hour
  • The Times Red Box (Podcast)
  • The Guardian UK: Politics Weekly (Podcast)
  • The Spectator- Coffee House Shots (Podcast)
  • NPR Politics (Podcast)