Homework is set each week for pupils in each subject area.
The homework that is set should take at least 30 minutes per subject to complete properly and this will increase as students move up the years.

Students will get work that involves extended writing in most subjects were possible.

Some subjects (eg. Art and DT) may set a project based homework which will be completed over several weeks.

All homework set will be displayed on ‘Show My Homework’ –

The Homework Calendar is displayed on the calendar section of the website and the filters can be used to find out the homework that has been set for a specific year group / class.

Students use their Realsmart/Google Log in to Log into Show My Homework, by selecting ‘Log in with Google’ option.

Parents and students have a log in for Show My Homework, if you require help or support email Mrs Mowles –


Any further assistance please contact Mr Ward, Head of KS 3 or Head of Key Stage 4, Mr Hayes –

If you have any questions, contact Mrs A Burke, The Deputy Headteacher responsible for Teaching & Learning.