Students of RS (Philosophy, Theology and Ethics) at St Bonaventure’s are invited to grapple with some of the most profound questions of the human experience: Is there a God? Why are we here? Why is there anything at all? What is it to be moral?

This rigorous course often takes learning beyond the classroom.  Lectures, visiting speakers and societies combine to develop in all our pupils a scholarly and multi-disciplinary understanding of the world building up fundamental, transferable skills.

The subject welcomes people from all faith traditions and none. Be prepared to read up on everything from Plato to NATO as we hope you enjoy constructing and deconstructing arguments and working together to solve the problem of knowing what we do and do not know.

Students study OCR A Level Religious Studies. This course is comprised of three units: Philosophy of Religion, Religion and Ethics and Development of Christian Thought

OCR  A Level Specification


  • 2023 – ALPS 1 – 100% A* – C
  • 2022 – ALPS 2 – 100% A* – C
  • 2019 – ALPS 3 – 92% A*-C
  • 2018 – ALPS 8 – 56% A*-C
  • 2017 – ALPS 4 – 77% A*-C

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