• It is the only educational experience where the focus is on the body, its movement and physical development. It helps children learn to respect and value their own bodies and abilities and those of others
  • Through improving physical competence, it positively enhances self-confidence, self-esteem, engagement and behaviour and physical educational attainment through more positive attitudes to learning
  • It provides the skills, understanding and confidence for engagement in activity which is the basis for healthy, enjoyable, active lifestyles
  • It contributes to the development of mind and body and enhances social and cognitive development.

Citius, Altius, Fortius’

The PE department is extremely committed to providing a safe, relevant, enjoyable and all inclusive curriculum. It seeks to promote a culture of achievement, leadership, teamwork, participation and sportsmanship.

Sport plays an integral role in society. The PE dept looks to provide a wide variety of sports, ensuring that pupils can pursue their sporting interest both inside and outside of school. A strong emphasis is also placed on the educating the pupils about the importance of Health and Fitness, and encouraging the pupils to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

PE Teachers

Meet the department
Sports Specialisms
Mr Bartlett Curriculum Leader
Mr Ancora Assistant Curriculum Leader
Mr Bastian Football
Mr Templeman Cycling Football Hurdles Sprint Starts
Mr Hayes Football
Mr Caddy Tennis
Mr Robinson Health Related Fitness
Mr Onireti Director of Basketball
Mr Firth Football/Handball


The department teaches the full range of ability for pupils aged 11 – 18 and also delivers PE to a number of classes in primary Schools through the SSCO programme. The department is strongly in favour of Sport for all as well as ensuring pupils are competitive and are keen to improve their ability.

Year 7 and Year 8

Pupils are taught two 1 hour lessons a week and are placed in mixed ability groups.

Year 9

Pupils are ability set in preparation for KS4. The pupils are keen to ensure that there is an equal competitive culture. They receive two 1 hour lessons a week.

Key Stage 4

For core PE, pupils continue to be placed in their set groups. In Year 10 pupils are taught a range of activities for two one-hour lessons a week.

For Year 11 core PE, they are in lessons, which lasts for a duration of two hours. The majority of activities on offer for Year 11 are off site. Activities such as football, basketball, gym sessions, climbing, cycling and golf take place throughout the year. Additional current sporting trends may also be incorporated.

The pupils also have an opportunity to choose GCSE PE. Students will be assessed through a theory exam worth 60% and a practical moderation worth 40%. Theory lessons cover a variety of different topics including the body systems, a balanced diet, how to improve practical performance and how to lead a healthy active lifestyle. The following link provides a more detailed explanation of the course:

AQA GCSE PE Specification

Key Stage 5

The department currently offers pupils the chance to study Level 3 BTEC Extended Diploma in Sport focusing on anatomy & physiology, sports & exercise physiology, field & lab based fitness testing, specialised fitness training, sports injuries, sports massage, nutrition, coaching advice, sports psychology and research methods. Pupils at St. Bonaventure’s Sixth Form are also encouraged to take part in a number of sporting opportunities on offer as well as assist with the coaching, officiating and management of the teams in the lower school. All students in recent years have achieved outstanding grades which has allowed them to attend prestigious universities. Some of the career pathways our students have followed are physiotherapists, sports therapists, sports psychologists, sports scientists and teachers of physical education.

Level 3 BTEC Extended Diploma in Sport and Exercise Science

Extra Curricular

The department provides itself on an intense, full and varied extra-curricular programme. All pupils are encouraged to take part in activities whether it be Football on a Saturday morning at the field of dreams, Wanstead flats or competing in an inter-form table tennis competition.

Our department is proud to have had many esteemed sports performers to come through the ranks. The most notable being Chris Hughton, Manager of Newcastle United and England and Tottenham Hotspur player Jermain Defoe. There are also numerous other professionals and England School boys that have graced the sky blue and white shirts and our new black and yellow school colours

The department enjoys a proud reputation over a national and county perspective. The boys have won many Essex cups for Basketball, Athletics and Football and in 2008, they were the National Champions for Basketball with further National Titles added in 2015 followed by a Quadruple of National Titles in 2016.

Below is our extra curricular timetable for a typical week and some photos of the St Bon’s Sports in Action.

Extra-curricular Timetable
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning 7:30am SO & PA – Yr 7 – B/ball SO & JC – Yr 8 – B/ballC SO & PA – Yr 9 – B/ball SO & JR – Yr 10 – B/ball SO, AS, JR & CT – Yr 11 + VI Form – B/ball
Y7 Basketball Shooting Practice Y8 Basketball Shooting Practice Y9 Basketball Shooting Practice Y10 Basketball Shooting Practice Y11 Basketball Shooting Practice
Twilight – 3:30pm YR 7 & 8 – Basketball – Training YR 8 & 9 – Basketball Training AS – 6th Form – Basketball

Cricket Practice

AS – Years 9, 10 & 11 – Basketball SO – Year 7 & 8 Basketball Training
Fixtures will take priority over Twilight sessions (except GCSE)