Students study the GCSE in Religious Studies (Edexcel Specification A). They will take the following exam papers:

  • Paper 1A: Catholic Christianity (1h 45mins / 50%)
  • Paper 2F: Judaism (50mins / 25%)
  • Paper 3A: Philosophy and Ethics [Catholic Christianity] (50mins / 25%)

Edexcel GCSE Specification

This specification includes contemporary and philosophical topics such as the existence of God, the Problem of Evil, Life after Death, Abortion, Euthanasia, Freedom of Speech, Marriage and the Family.  However, pupils also gain a deeper insight into the Roman Catholic faith studying such topics as the Trinity, Apostolic Tradition, Papal Authority, the Sacraments, Vocation and the Sermon on the  Mount.

As a result, the course also asks students to consider various challenges to the Catholic faith and the Church’s moral teaching. From this enquiry, pupils will search their own conscience and be equipped to articulate their faith in the wider world. Moreover, they will also have the critical thinking skills and the knowledge to follow their own vocation with confidence.

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