Year 7s arriving for their first day at St Bonaventure’s


Will I get lost around the school?

St Bonaventure’s is probably a much larger school than your primary school, however we do everything we can to make sure that you don’t get lost. In the first week of Year 7, you are brought to and from every lesson by your subject teacher. By the end of the first week you will have a good idea where everything is. If you still get lost there is always someone around that you can ask.

Will I make friends?

St Bonaventure’s is a very friendly school and there will be lots of other children that will be in the same position, so please don’t be worried. We will make sure that everyone has someone that they can be friends with and from my experience the majority of children have friends by the end of the first week. If this does not happen and you are feeling alone please let us know and we can help you.

Is St Bonaventure’s strict?

Discipline and clear boundaries are an important part of school so that all students have the opportunity to learn and develop safely. Our rules are very simple to follow and we apply them consistently and fairly so you should have no problem in getting used to new routines.

Mr McCormack – The Headteacher

Am I allowed a mobile phone at St Bonaventure’s?

We strongly believe that mobile phones rather than making our students safe actually make them a target for theft when they leave the school. It is well known in the area that St. Bonaventure’s does not allow mobile phones and this we believe keeps students safe. We also believe that they cause distractions within school and can get in the way of students focusing on their learning. So therefore this is strictly a no mobile phone school.

What subjects will I study?

At Key Stage 3 at St. Bonaventure’s you will study a wide range of exciting subjects, some of which will be new to you while others will be a continuation of your learning. Here are the subjects that you will be studying:

  • Religious Education
  • Maths
  • English
  • Science
  • History
  • Geography
  • French/Spanish
  • PE
  • Design and Technology
  • Art
  • Music

Gathering in the playground on their first day in Year 7!

What is a typical day?

It may be that our “typical” school day in September has to change due to Coronavirus restrictions. However if all is well then our day at St. Bonaventure’s consist of 5 lessons that last 1 hour. We start school at 8:45am with a line up. You will then have form time until 9.05 when lessons start four days per week. One day per week we have our assemblies which gives the year group a chance to come together to worship and reflect on our lives. The day then consists of 5 lessons that last 1 hour. There is a morning break at 11.05 am for 20 minutes and lunch which is 50 minutes starts at 1:25. The timetable of lessons runs over a two week period. So you will have different lessons in Week 1 and Week 2.

Do you get any rewards for doing good work at St Bonaventure’s?

We love it when students do good work at St Bonaventure’s and we will always reward our students. Our system is to award MERITs and as you collect certain numbers you are rewarded with Bronze, Silver and Gold badges. We also have a tie system whereby curriculum areas award special ties to students for outstanding achievement. There are also other special prizes such as trips to theme parks and pizza parties!

Is there bullying at St Bonaventure’s?

St Bonaventure’s have a zero tolerance approach to bullying. If you experience any issues or problems bring this straight to the attention to a member of staff and we will deal with it. We do not tolerate bullies. We will also give you the personal strategies to cope with bullying and build your confidence so this does not happen to you

Mr Robinson – Year Leader for Year 7

Who do I turn to if I have a problem?

All members of staff are happy to help and support you. Your form tutor is the person that you will see each morning so they are an excellent point of contact. Your Year Leader Mr Robinson will be keeping a close eye on your progress and supporting you all the way. Mr Ward is responsible for Key Stage 3 and transition and again is happy to help in any way you need.

What does it mean to be a “Bon’s Boy”?

You will hear the term “Bon’s Boy” a lot in the coming years. We’re proud to say that for us at St Bonaventure’s, it’s not just good academic performance that we aspire to. We also want to turn out young men who are caring and thoughtful to others, look out for one another and are prepared to go that extra mile to support and help others. This we hope means you find a welcoming bunch of students on your arrival here at St. Bon’s and is something you will become in your time here.

Does it matter if I am not Catholic?

St Bonaventure’s is a very open and welcoming community to people of all faiths and none. All lessons begin with a prayer, and we have assemblies that include readings from the Bible and the singing of hymns. You will be expected to stand silently and respectfully during prayers and attend the celebration of Mass in the church. We are very proud of our Catholic heritage and ethos; we can’t wait to welcome you into this community. Catholics believe that everyone is created in the image of God, and we need to treat as everyone as such – with love, care and respect. If there is anything you are not sure about, please ask! You’ll get used to things very quickly.

This is the prayer before lessons:

O God, grant me a calm mind,
a quiet disposition
and an attentive ear.
So that through this lesson
I may learn to come to your truth.
St Bonaventure,
Pray For Us, Amen


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