We have put together some fun activities for you to do over the summer.  They are optional so if things are busy at the moment then do not worry.  However we hope you find that they are an enjoyable way to spend your time.   There is also a chance to win some prizes, just send in your work to the email mentioned on the activity. We

This page will be updated over time so do check back in to to see what new things we have added.

RE (Religious Education)

Submit all RE challenges to Mr Fouabi

Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM)

Submit all STEM challenges to Mr Imrith 

Submit all Science challenges to Mr Adenekan


  • St Bon’s Book Bingo 
    • Book bingo is a fun way for you to find the books, writers and genres that you will love. This challenge will really develop your confidence as a reader!

Submit all Literacy challenges to Ms Murphy

Creative Arts

  • We operate a thriving music department at St. Bonaventure’s. Have a go at these fun challenges and if you already play an instrument or would like to learn please email Ms Warren.

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