Registration & Assembly 8.45–9.05
Period 1 9.05–10.05
Period 2 10.05–11.05
Break 11.05–11.25
Period 3 11.25–12.25
Period 4 12.25–1.25
Lunch 1.25–2.15
Period 5 2.25–3.25

During Examination periods, the day is organised to allow timing of afternoon exam sessions. At these times, Lunch will occur between lesson 3 and 4.

Therefore, lesson 4 will start at 1.15pm and finish at 2.25pm.

The Register for the afternoon session is taken immediately after the Lunch period.

The school day can be extended for a variety of reasons;

  • Students may be placed on a detention at the start of the day or at the end.
  • Students may attend Breakfast clubs.
  • Students may attend after school booster or study sessions.
  • Students may attend extra-curricular clubs.
  • Students may assist with Performances or Open Evenings.
  • Some students remain behind after school to play Football or Basketball on the playground.