Heads of Year

Ms N O’Neill Head of Year 7 – Leader of Pupil Progress & Development

Ms M Ahmad Assistant Head of Year 7

Mr G Marius Head of Year 8 – Leader of Pupil Progress & Development

Mr G Patterson Assistant Head of Year 8

Mr G Murray Head of Year 9 – Leader of Pupil Progress & Development

Mr G Gilbey Assistant Head of Year 9

Mrs G Firth Head of Year 10 – Leader of Pupil Progress & Development

Mr J Daniels Assistant Head of Year 10

Mr N Graham Head of Year 11 – Leader of Pupil Progress & Development

Mr J Deadman Assistant Head of Year 11


6th Form Heads of Year

Ms L Bannis Year 12 Senior Tutor

Ms J Ogunjobi Year 13 Senior Tutor


Curriculum Leaders

Ms T Gilroy Art & Design

Ms B Khanom Business & Economics

Ms S Malek Computing

Mr S Mirza Design Technology

Ms T Matthews English

Ms S Purdue Geography

Mr R Lennox Government & Politics

Miss P Sood History

Mr G Withcombe Literacy

Mr K Imrith Mathematics

Miss A Tarling Media

Ms N Yianni MFL

Mr P Hepplewhite Music

Mr S Firth PE

Mr M Boniecki Religious Studies

Ms F Parker SENCo

Mr M Adenekan Science

Ms Z Ahsan Social Sciences

Lead Practitioners

Ms S Prichard

Mrs L Racon

Mrs E Templeman

Curriculum Teams

Art & Design

Ms T Gilroy Curriculum Leader for Art & Design

Ms A Murphy 

Ms C White

Business Studies & Economics

Ms B Khanom Curriculum Leader for Business Studies/Economics

Mr J Rumsby Assistant Curriculum Leader

Mr J Deadman

Mr S Mathison

Mr J Ward 

Careers, Citizenship and RSE

Mr R Lennox Curriculum Lead for Careers

Ms S Purdue Curriculum Lead for Citizenship

Ms D Baidoo Curriculum Lead for RSE

Mrs S Raja Careers Advisor


Ms S Malek Curriculum Leader for Computing

Mr MJ Choudhury Assistant Curriculum Leader

Mrs J Ogunjobi 

Design Technology

Mr S Mirza Curriculum Leader for Design Technology

Mr A Odle Assistant Curriculum Leader

Mr A Zaman


Miss T Matthews Curriculum Leader

Miss R Laws Assistant Curriculum Leader

Miss E Murphy Assistant Curriculum Leader

Ms S Ahsan 

Ms W Adedoyin-Salau 

Ms J Bailey

Ms L Bannis

Ms S Bhutawala

Mr J Cunningham

Mr N Jobbins

Mrs A Marsland

Ms F Parker

Ms M Roddy

Mr G Withecombe Literacy Coordinator


Ms S Purdue Curriculum Leader for Geography

Mr J Large

Mr G Murray

Mr P Sanchez


Ms P Sood Curriculum Leader for History

Miss S Patel Assistant Curriculum Leader

Ms G Adu

Mr R Lennox

Learning Support

Mrs F Parker SENCo

Ms J Bailey

Ms A Marsland


Mr K Imrith  Assistant headteacher РDirector of Mathematics

Mr L Chester Assistant Curriculum Leader

Mrs L Imrith Assistant Curriculum Leader

Ms P Owusu-Ansah Assistant Curriculum Leader

Ms A Bagi

Mr H Basharat

Mr M Christy

Dr G Maduabueke

Mr F Oliviero

Mr D Sekiwano

Mr S Shah


Miss A Tarling Curriculum Leader for Media

Modern Foreign Languages

Ms N Yianni Curriculum Leader for MFL

Miss A Iova Assistant Curriculum Leader

Ms L Jaques

Ms N O’Neill¬†

Ms S Prichard

Ms R Rea

Mrs E Templeman



Mr P Hepplewhite Curriculum Leader

Mrs L Clarke-McGhie

Physical Education

Mr S Firth Curriculum Leader for PE

Mr G Ancora Assistant Curriculum Leader

Mr S Bartlett

Mr D Bastian

Mr J Daniels

Mr G Hayes

Mr G Patterson

Mr J Robinson

Mr W Templeman 

Government & Politics

Mr R Lennox Curriculum Leader

Ms G Adu

Mr G Withecombe

Religious Studies

Mr M Boniecki Curriculum Leader

Ms D Baidoo Assistant Curriculum Leader

Mr S Akinwoleola

Ms S Ali Chaplain

Mrs √Ā Burke

Mr A Lewis

Mr G Marius

Mr C McCormack

Dr S Saxby


Mr M Adenekan Curriculum Leader for Science

Mr J Czernuszka Assistant Curriculum Leader

Mr J Higgs Assistant Curriculum Leader

Ms N Logier Assistant Curriculum Leader

Ms M Ahmad

Mr H Caws

Mr N Graham

Ms A Morgan

Mr A Pointon

Mrs L Racon

Ms A Rahman

Mrs S Zaman

Social Sciences

Miss Z Ahsan Curriculum Leader

Mrs G Firth

Ms J Long