If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head.
If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.
Nelson Mandela


In St Bonaventure’s we celebrate languages and in KS3 and KS4 all pupils learn at least one language for 2 hours per week. We offer French, German and Spanish in all Key Stages and provide the opportunity for pupils to take examinations in home languages wherever possible. We are very proud of all our pupils who speak several languages and value their linguistic expertise.

Language lessons offer pupils the opportunity to develop listening, reading, speaking and writing skills in a creative environment in a range of ways including games, presentations, video clips, pair work, group work,  projects and on-line activities.  Pupils are encouraged to speak as much target language as possible in lessons and topics and materials are chosen to reflect the interests of the young people we teach.


All our language teachers are passionate about languages and specialists in their field.  In addition to our Language teachers, we have a Foreign Language Assistant (FLA) for French, German and Spanish. Our FLAs run lunchtime language clubs and during lesson time provide pupils with the valuable opportunity for small group conversations in the target language.



Topics covered include:

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
Where I live
Sports & hobbies
School Life
Family & Descriptions
Food & Shopping
In my Town
Health & Fitness
Festivals & Holidays
Project learning including case studies of target language cities, target language films, famous people etc

From September 2016 we will be following the new 
AQA GCSE French specification.


Topics covered will include:

Y10 Y11
Identity and Culture:

  • Me, my family and friends
  • Technology in everyday life
  • Free-time Activities
  • Customs and Festivals
  • Local, National, International and Global Areas of Interests

Home, town, neighbourhood, region

  • Social issues
  • Global issues
  • Travel and tourism
Current and future study and Employment:

  • My Studies
  • Life at school / college
  • Education post-16
  • Jobs, career choices and ambitions


Grammar, skills and strategies

Across all Key Stages pupils will gain a variety of literacy strategies, practice skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing in the target language, and build on their knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. Pupils will learn how to:

  • understand and produce information on a variety of topics, both of personal interest as well as local and global interest, including opinions, justifications and arguments
  • understanding and producing information in the past, present and future tenses
  • use accurate grammar, spelling and punctuation.
  • understand and respond to a variety of spoken and written instructions in the target language
  • understand and respond to spoken and written information in a variety of forms, including songs, stories, poems, letters, articles, advertisements, pictures, posters
  • speak confidently in the target language with an understanding of the important of pronunciation, intonation and appropriate forms of address
  • translate meaning to and from the target language


From September 2016 we will be following the new AQA specification.

Topics covered include:

Year 12

  • The changing nature of family
  • The ‘cyber-society’
  • The place of voluntary work
  • A culture proud of its heritage
  • Contemporary francophone music
  • Cinema: the 7th art form
  • Film study: La Haine

Year 13

  • Positives Aspects of a Diverse Society (Tolerance, Marginalisation, How we treat Criminals)
  • Aspects of political life in the French Speaking World ( Young people and their right to vote, Strikes and who has the power, Politic and Immigration)
  • Comprehension Skills for literary texts
  • Individual research Project
  • Book study: Kiffe Kiffe Demain