Why work at St Bonaventure’s?

St Bonaventure’s School stands out as a beacon of excellence in East London, where every member of staff is valued highly and given the opportunity to develop and grow. At the heart of our ethos lies a commitment to fostering a genuinely supportive and empowering environment for all, regardless of background or faith. Here are some of reasons you should consider working at our school: 

Be part of a long story of education and success

St Bonaventure’s is a renowned education provider in the London Borough of Newham with a history dating back to 1875. We proudly stand as one of the oldest Catholic boys’ schools in the country, with a thriving, popular and over-subscribed co-educational 6th Form. Our recent Ofsted Inspection in November 2022 affirmed our school’s Outstanding status in all areas. 

Our school has a long list of high-profile alumni who became very successful in their respective fields including Tim Campbell MBE, Ted Childs OBE, Sir Edward Fennessy, Bobby Seagull, and Jermaine Defoe OBE – see more here

Be part of a supportive community

Teamwork isn’t just a concept at St Bonaventure’s; it’s a lived experience that encourages collaboration, support and a strong sense of belonging. Many of our current staff have been with the school for over 10 years, while new staff enjoy a welcoming atmosphere that facilitates a quick settling-in process. It is testament to the high esteem in which we are held that several former students choose to return to work  here.

It’s clear that school leaders do care, they are supportive of staff and show genuine care and compassion for staff. The headteacher and other SLT students are very approachable.”

Departments work together, they are not isolated. There is a genuine feeling of belonging, making you proud to work here.”

Be part of a school with extensive professional development opportunities

We invest in the growth and development of our teachers and staff by offering a range of professional development opportunities, CPD and resources to keep our team members at the forefront of educational best practices. Recently, we launched a new Catholic Leadership course, uniting 35 aspiring leaders in Catholic education from across England.

The CPD is fantastic. I love that staff now have access to the National College as the flexibility allows us to do CPD in our own time; staff can train outside and bring that back into school. I was encouraged to complete a Master’s Degree which was hugely impactful. The CPD in the English department is strong. I found the CPD about applying for SLT in Catholic Education particularly strong. Also, the CPD that is held over two or three sessions is very useful.”

Be part of a culture of respect and inclusion

St. Bonaventure’s School is dedicated to fostering a culture of respect, diversity, and inclusion. We actively celebrate differences, firmly believing that a diverse community enhances the richness of the educational experience for both students and staff.


Submit your CV

If you are interested in volunteering or would like to send in your CV to be considered for future employment, please contact Mrs J Ashton via email on j.ashton@stbons.org or complete this form: 

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