The PTI held  a subject enrichment residential at Downing College, Cambridge, at the weekend (July 2-4) for Geography, Art, Music and English Departments and Mr Graham and Ms Nair accompanied three of our students on Sunday where the boys joined students from Stewards’ Academy, Harlow, to answer a series of questions posed by the teachers.

Our Deputy Headboys from Year 10 and a Year 9 pupil represented St Bonaventure’s and spoke about their experiences of learning during lockdown. They also spoke about  makes good teaching, how teachers can best support their students and discussed their thoughts on assessment and creative learning in the classroom. 

Ms Roddy is an English Development Partner for the PTI and she was asked if St Bonaventure’s would participate in the pupil panel and she agreed as she felt this was an excellent opportunity for schools and school leaders from across the country to hear first-hand about the experience of learners. 

Ms Roddy added: “Many teachers approached me to commend our boys for their contributions and said how thought provoking the boys’ responses were. In particular, the Curriculum Leads of Geography and Music said they found our boys’ reflections invaluable to their own teaching and said they will be taking the boys’ reflections back to their own schools.”