Education: BA (Hons) English Literature, PGCE Secondary English

Current Position: Assistant Headteacher Upper School

Previous Positions: Teacher, 2ic English, Head of English

Experience in Education: At my current school I have been fortunate enough to work with an enthusiastic and dedicated group of teachers who have helped me to develop a department and syllabus of which I am very proud.

We have worked together to ensure our students are challenged and enjoy texts of significant cultural capital which they might not otherwise explore. An example of this being the introduction of the study of ‘Antigone’ by Sophocles at KS3. In addition, with the help of the literacy coordinator, we have also ensured that no pupil is left behind with regards to their reading ability through the introduction of the Ruth Miskin reading programme. The quality of the provision which we are now able to provide for our students has been reflected in our GCSE attainment (85% 4+ in 2017) and in the number of students now opting to take English at A Level which has seen a rise.

CPD Delivered: Introduction of Reading Bursts at KS3/4 (taken from Doug Lemov’s ‘Reading Reconsidered’), Outstanding Teaching, Outstanding Middle Leadership

Interests: Development of students’ cultural capital, development of vocabulary, all things teaching and learning