Education: MusBHons University of Manchester, CCRS, ADSLQ

Current Position: Subject Leader for Music, Chaplaincy Lead, Google Educator

Previous Positions: Teacher of Music, St. Cuthbert’s RC High School, Rochdale (2007 – 2012), Teacher of Music, St. Mary’s School, Bishop’s Stortford (2006 – 2007)

Geraldine is an experienced teacher of Music in her 15th Year in the profession, who has worked in three contrasting contexts, bringing about positive improvement and change in the departments in which she has worked. She took on the role of Subject leader for Music at Sacred Heart of Mary School in September 2012, and has overseen the rising profile of the department across the borough of Havering and the diocese in her time there. Significant numbers of pupils engage in the extra-curricular life of the school, and GCSE and A Level Music continue to draw strong cohorts of pupils who achieve excellent results. Geraldine has worked closely with HTTP in training Music Teachers who have all had success in achieving Head of Department Roles.

Geraldine has recently completed the ADSLQ as Catholic Leadership and the Catholicity of the schools in which she has worked has been of paramount interest to Geraldine throughout her professional life. Geraldine took on the additional role of Chaplaincy Lead at Sacred Heart of Mary School in September 2016. Geraldine combines her music and liturgical roles in creating reflective and engaging services. Her Student Chaplaincy team continues to thrive and enhance the spiritual life of the school through charitable works and supporting younger students in leading and preparing liturgies and assemblies. The positive impact of Geraldine’s experience and enthusiasm in the Chaplaincy Lead role was highlighted in the school’s Outstanding Section 48 report in March 2019. 

Geraldine is a founder member of the Teaching and Learning Party at Sacred Heart of Mary. Over the last 2 years, Geraldine has invested time in exploring the teaching and learning potential of the Google Education suite. In August 2019 Geraldine achieved both Level 1 and Level 2 Google Educator status, and completed training on Google’s Applied Digital Learning course. Geraldine has instigated and led the training and effective use of Google Education Suite at Sacred Heart of Mary since June 2018.

CPD Delivered: Introduction to Google and the Google Suite (Sacred Heart of Mary / Havering NQT programme); Next Steps: Effective use of Google Classroom and the Google Suite (Sacred Heart of Mary / Havering NQT programme); Advanced use of the Google Suite (Sacred Heart of Mary); Preparing Effective assemblies (Sacred Heart of Mary); ongoing contributions to Teaching and Learning Inhouse Training at Sacred Heart of Mary. 

Music Education Interests: Extra-curricular engagement, Music Curriculum design, Assessment in Music, Preparing Trainee teachers for life in the classroom.

Catholic Life / Liturgical Interests: Establishing a Student Chaplaincy, Students Leading Liturgy, Liturgical Music, Enhancing the Catholic life in Catholic schools.

Teaching and Learning Interests:  Effective use of Google Education, effective assessment for learning, planning and delivering effective CPD.