Specialist Leaders of Education

Agnus Dei Teaching School Alliance

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Please see our current SLE’s. Click on their name to find out more details about their experience and expertise. To broker one of the SLEs, please see information here: Brokering an SLE

Specialist Leader of EducationSchoolSpecialisms
Andy LewisSt Bonaventure'sRE [Regional Lead for Humanities]
Angela HillanSt Bonaventure'sMFL [Regional Lead for MFL]
Anneka HartleyCardinal PoleClosing the Gap, Literacy, Support for the Most Able
St Thomas MoreLeadership of CPD, Leadership of Curriculum
Elsa CorrSt Thomas MoreWhole School Achievement via VESPA
Katie SmithSt Bonaventure'sLeadership of CPD, Leadership of Curriculum, Social Sciences, ITT and NQT Development
Lauren DaffernPalmer Catholic AcademyEnglish, Literacy
Louise WilliamsPalmer Catholic AcademyLeadership of Curriculum, English
Lucie RaconSt Bonaventure'sLeadership of Curriculum, Science
Michelle RoddySt Bonaventure'sEnglish, ITT and NQT Development, Mental Health
Mounia BenzidanePalmer Catholic AcademyMFL
Nick JobbinsSt Bonaventure'sClosing the Gap, SEND, Differentiation of Learning
Robert WilbrahamHoly FamilyPE, Extra Curricular
Sue PrichardSt Bonaventure'sLeadership of CPD, MFL,