Upcoming School Events!!

On the week of 11th March 2019, each year will be having their year group school councillors present an assembly about a charity set up by Werenfried van Straaten known as ‘Aid to the Church In Need’ which help Catholics and other Christians all around the world that are largely affected by loss of shelter, loss of food, loss of clothing and much more due to natural disaster and major and minor conflicts. Catholics and other Christians around the world are also at the risk of persecution and oppression which can be horrifyingly fatal.

The aim of this assembly will be to intrigue you to support the cause of helping the charity pursue their aims of putting Catholic and other Christian denominations persecution and excessive amounts of issues like this to an end.

Think about these: 1) How would you feel if you were persecuted for your faith? 2) How would you feel if you didn’t have a place to call home? 3) Would you want someone to help you if you were in that position?

Aid to the Church in Need


I hope you all look forward to the assembly and will support to the cause with the wonderful day, we’ve planned to show how St Bonaventure’s as a healthy and contributing community has helped to assist charities around the world.

The Red Wednesday will take place on the 3rd of April 2019 and to show your support, please pay £2 and wear red to show how you’ve cared to help the cause.

P.S There will be more upcoming events such as Interform for year 7, year 8, year 9, and year 10 so I hope you same connected to be informed about any further updates!


School Council Meeting 28/11/2018!

On Wednesday 28th November 2018, the School Council will be having a meeting to elaborate on the foci of the year which we have received from you and your peers. We will also been discussing on some more severe problems such as water fountain vandalism and the misuse of toilet facilities. We will be looking at ways on how we can improve the school environment but we won’t bring up old topics such as canteen food which is largely often brought up, we want to look up at other things which have the same importance.

In the morning, you all could have a conversation with your year’s School Councillors if you have any ideas that need to be stated in the meeting as it will take place during period 1. I would just like to ensure that if you ever have any problems about the school, just notify the School Councillors verbally or via sending an email so that we can always make the voice of the students heard.

Please make sure you are keeping up to date with school news as they will be upcoming activities you may be interested in.

Great Day For The School Council!!!!!

On the 22nd of November 2018, the School Council headed over to Gilwell Park, where they participated in many extreme and fascinating activities. These activities were to help the School Council build on their team-building skills and help them get to know each other better.

The day began by Mr Liam Burns (who works at The Scout Association) talking and asking  the School Council about ‘What are things students like about attending St Bonaventure’s?’, and ‘What are things in St Bonaventure’s that need to be changed?’. The School Council came up with a lot of interesting and riveting ideas for goods things about St Bonaventure’s such as good ethos, teacher-student relationship, and many more. However, on things that needed to change in St Bonaventure’s, the School Council were very strategic and judicious about their ideas, they included canteen food, facilities, action of negative judgement and much more.

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After this discussion, we went outside from the building to participate in outdoor activities such as pole climbing, orienteering and a few more superlative activities. The School Council faced many of their fears such as heights which they were able to overcome through teamwork. Overall, the School Council had an fantastic day at Gilwell Park and were really thrilled about how it has them understand their roles as part of being in the School Council.

Here are pictures of some School Councillors who enjoyed their day at Gilwell Park:


ExtraOrdinary School Council Meeting With LBN

On the 2nd of November 2018, the School Council were visited by Councillor Julianne Marriott and Peter Gibb. They came to St Bonaventure’s to discuss what their jobs as part of the Newham Council were and asked some very interesting and educational questions about education in Newham.

Councillor Marriott started off the meeting by raising the question to the School Council about ‘What is a bad school?’. We were all placed into groups and discussed ideas on ‘What is a bad school ?’ among our groups in which we all fed back to each other as an whole.

The School Council came up with many sensible and appropriate answers such as bad leadership, lack of ethos, environmental safety and many more ideas.

Then, Councillor Marriott raised another question opposing the first question she raised, which was ‘What is a good school?’. We then got put into different groups and discussed ideas on ‘What is a good school’ which were all fed back to each other as a whole.

The School Council came up with great and tantalizing answers such as good results signifying good pastoral systems, good leadership, care within the wider community and many more.

The final question, Councillor Marriott brought up was ‘What do you need to do to prepare yourself for life after school?’. This question made the School Council put quite a lot of thought into the answers, we presented the ideas that we gathered in our groups and said them one by one, they were very influential and intriguing. Here are some of the answers we came up with: good grades, personal life skills, communication, leadership, career advice and much more.

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Meeting Update

During this academic year, the School Council team main focus is to make improvements for our school. However, we have to think about our local community, especially as it getting cold and we are almost in winter. During the meeting, we discussed ways we could help to achieve this such as doing a Film Friday or a Cake sale. We have heard many complaints about the School meals and Toilets. We are planning to make a change soon.
If you have any suggestions to help make the school a better place please speak to the Head boy – Chibuike Agu or any of the School Council representatives.


If you were wondering who was Chibuike Agu this is him.

Thanks for your time!

School Council Away Day

On the 22nd of November 2018, the new School Council of 2018-2019 will be attending an exciting and educational trip to Gilwell Park, Chingford. It will take place in the Scout Centre.

The School Council will be participating in many activities and will receive training from the The President of National Union of Students (NUS).

Soon, the School Council Publicity Officers will inform you about the experience the School Council had at Gilwell Park and how it has become beneficial for them in the future.

Hope you all stay connected, for more news and updates! 🙂








New School Council Members

Throughout the week beginning Monday 8th October, we had the nerve-wracking experience of selecting our new School Council members.

Each Form Group started off the democratic process by selecting who they wanted to put forward as their own representative.

Each Form Representative then had to give a speech to their full Year group to outline what they would do for their Year.

Each Year group then had a ballot to select their two Year group School Council members.

The full list of School Council members for 2018 – 2019 are shown on the School Council Members page on the website.

This can be seen by clicking on HERE

We all wish our new School Council members the best of luck and pray for them as they start their year of service to the other students.

God Bless Them All

Publicity Officers For 2018

In the first meeting of the new School Council, Nathaniel Achea and Jesse Okoro in Year 10 were selected to be the Publicity Officers for this year.

They will be updating the School Council Blog and letting parents, staff and students know what the School Council is up to.


School Council away day

Our new student council participated in an exciting trip on November 7 to Gilwell Park in Chingford where they took part in a variety of activities and challenges.


After a short journey in the minibus, the group arrived at the stunning scenery of the park where they were kindly greeted and whisked off to a conference room to begin.


The newly elected representatives were briefed by former NUS President Liam Burns, who helped them to understand what it truly meant to be a student council member.

One thing that soon became clear was the initial silence as everyone sat down which was probably due to the age gap between students. After listening to Liam, they began to learn it’s important to understand how deeply and how widely an issue is taken and that focusing on multiple problems at the same time will lead to nothing being done and gathering knowledge from one another. As well as that, names were learnt using an adjective. For example: if your name begins with L, you had to find an adjective with L, (Lively Liam). This was a fun getting-to-know-you exercise and an ice breaker.


One of the first activities was to remove a fake bomb from a circle marked by a small fence. No-one was allowed to enter the circle and all they were given were two ropes and each other. At this point they still didn’t know each other very well but the bonding soon started. At first, the older students took the lead and were thinking of ideas before the nervous younger ones eventually became involved. They worked together to achieve their goal as multiple people needed to hold each side of the rope. In an amazingly quick time it was removed and then the student council members began talking to those out of their year group.


The last activity took place indoors, where the council members had to climb a ladder and no ordinary ladder, but a massive one, where every step you climbed, the spaces inbetween got bigger. As three of the members climbed, the others helped by pulling a rope connected to the climber, helping the advance in this challenge. Luckily, everyone managed to reach the top, with the help of the whole crew.


The trip was an amazing experience and helped to develop confidence and trust between the student council which led them to truly learn what it means to represent St Bon’s.

School Council Meeting update

On Thursday 16th November the school council meta again to discuss school issues.

It was decided in this meeting that the following would happen;

  • Fund Raising Activity would be organised.
  • A campaign to raise awareness of litter around the school and Newham.
  • To start a “Kind” Teacher award.
  • The school councillors will meet with Form Reps.

Remember to speak to your school councillors. If you can’t remember who they are, check the board by the Headteachers Office.