On the 22nd of November 2018, the School Council headed over to Gilwell Park, where they participated in many extreme and fascinating activities. These activities were to help the School Council build on their team-building skills and help them get to know each other better.

The day began by Mr Liam Burns (who works at The Scout Association) talking and asking  the School Council about ‘What are things students like about attending St Bonaventure’s?’, and ‘What are things in St Bonaventure’s that need to be changed?’. The School Council came up with a lot of interesting and riveting ideas for goods things about St Bonaventure’s such as good ethos, teacher-student relationship, and many more. However, on things that needed to change in St Bonaventure’s, the School Council were very strategic and judicious about their ideas, they included canteen food, facilities, action of negative judgement and much more.

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After this discussion, we went outside from the building to participate in outdoor activities such as pole climbing, orienteering and a few more superlative activities. The School Council faced many of their fears such as heights which they were able to overcome through teamwork. Overall, the School Council had an fantastic day at Gilwell Park and were really thrilled about how it has them understand their roles as part of being in the School Council.

Here are pictures of some School Councillors who enjoyed their day at Gilwell Park:


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