On Wednesday 28th November 2018, the School Council will be having a meeting to elaborate on the foci of the year which we have received from you and your peers. We will also been discussing on some more severe problems such as water fountain vandalism and the misuse of toilet facilities. We will be looking at ways on how we can improve the school environment but we won’t bring up old topics such as canteen food which is largely often brought up, we want to look up at other things which have the same importance.

In the morning, you all could have a conversation with your year’s School Councillors if you have any ideas that need to be stated in the meeting as it will take place during period 1. I would just like to ensure that if you ever have any problems about the school, just notify the School Councillors verbally or via sending an email so that we can always make the voice of the students heard.

Please make sure you are keeping up to date with school news as they will be upcoming activities you may be interested in.

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