DO you remember the song, ‘I’d like to teach the world to sing?’…this talented duo certainly did this afternoon, June 13 – Kathy Underhill and Bernadette Maskell, – as they came into school to teach the choir the new school hymn that Kathy has written.

It’s believed this is the first time in the school’s 141 year history that a school hymn has existed and everyone was really excited to hear it for the first time today.

The students picked up the tune really quickly and Ms Qurrey went on to say: “It sounded amazing and I am so proud to have helped arrange this. I’m sure it will become a firm favourite and we plan to sing it at every assembly and liturgy. It is really beautiful. The hymn is very poignant and covers lots of aspects on what makes our school unique and special. I’m sure the students will love it.”

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