St Bonaventure’s is taking part in an asthma research programme in a bid to promote better health in young people and children with asthma.

The ‘My Asthma in School’ programme aims to engage students and improve awareness and management of their asthma.

 Developed by researchers at Queen Mary University it is being led by Paediatrician by Professor Jonathan Grigg.

Asthma is the most chronic condition in young people in the UK and it’s a fact that UK children experience more hospitalisation from asthma than their peers in the rest of Europe.

It is a leading cause of absenteeism in schools and in London alone more than 60,000 children live with the condition. If not managed well, asthma negatively affects many areas of a young person’s. life.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has written saying he wants all London schools to take part in the programme and spoke about his asthma and identified other positive role models who live with asthma like Paul Radcliffe and David Beckham.

Mrs Racon will be co-ordinating our school’s involvement with a series of workshops to help reduce symptoms  and the risk of an asthma attack as well as improving awareness and management. She will be working with the team to distribute information to parents of children with asthma and sending out questionnaires.

She went on to explain: “This is a unique learning opportunity for us to work with the centre for Genomics and Child Health at Queen Mary’s through a series of theatre performances and educational workshops. We hope their research will improve the quality of life for children with fewer visits to their doctor or hospital.”

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