Mr Fouabi’s Friday after school Karate club  – St Bon’s Wadoryu –   that’s roughly translated as  ‘the way of peace’,  participated in their first tournament yesterday, May 13, at Featherstone High School in Southall, and came away positively clanking with all the medals they won.
From the  27  fighters  registered we obtained 8 medals.
The categories were Karate, Kata, Jiu jitsu and MMA each giving 3 medals (gold ,silver and bronze.)
We won in Kata, Karate and Jiu Jitsu but unfortunately our youngest champion, Julian, could not get to the finals as he got hurt. He was nonetheless given the “Best Warrior Spirit” for discipline, respect, showmanship and high technique. He was  really grateful and said: “I listened to everything my coach said and just applied it!”
Mr Fouabi trained with Sensei Kipre Allou  of the ASBL Woluwe Wadoryu. He also learned the basics of different martial  arts including African wrestling. He has a second degree black belt in Wadoryu and has more than  20 years of martial arts experience.

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