YOUR number could well and truly be up this Wednesday, May 16, as students participate in the UK’s first ever National Numeracy Day.

It will become an annual celebration of the importance of numbers in everyday life and will bring together individuals, employers, teachers and influencers to improve numeracy.

Poor numeracy can affect people’s lives and the wider economy and that needs to change.

In a bid to increase confidence in students, they will be given challenges in class with prizes given out. Every teacher in school will be participating and promoting numeracy in lessons with short activities, discussions or videos.

Curriculum Leader of Numeracy at St Bonaventure’s, Miss Murphy, went on to explain: “I want maths to become fun and part of our everyday life. Parents can get involved too by looking at supermarket deals and showing their children the savings to be made.

“I have lots of fun activities planned and I hope that our students benefit from knowing how to use numbers well. It will be a chance for them to improve their skills, learn new ways to work with numbers, be challenged, ask questions and above all not be scared of maths and have fun. Wednesday should be fantastic.”

Parents can follow this link to find out more

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