Our new science student is a real hard case but he’s coming out of his shell and settling in well however he’s not your regular boy, he’s a 10 year old Horsefield tortoise called Bert.

Ms Tidd said Bert was lonely at home so she decided to bring him in to school to live in room 25 and be looked after by Mr Bennett, Mrs Racon and Petchey award winner, Joseph Chakko, who’s in 9 Kolbe.

Bert is a bit of a fussy eater and Joseph is trying to encourage him to widen his diet and introduce new tasty delights to his menu.

Apparently he is very stubborn and loves to dig and he is living in a huge, deep table carpeted with soil and sand. The plan is, however, to allow Bert more freedom and for him to roam room 25 when the older 6th form classes have lessons. He’s a fast mover too according to Mrs Racon.

There are plans for him to enjoy the great outdoors this summer and Mr Young will make him an outside run.

Welcome to the science department family Bert!


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