Last week Ms Mehegan and Mr Marius held a ‘Come Dine With Me’ style cookery competition for their Year 8 students during lockdown.

They had an excellent response and 17 boys entered, sending in photos and videos of their signature dishes.

All the entries were unique and impressive with pancakes, brownies, rice dishes, KFC style chicken and curries on the menu. 

Five finalists were chosen with Mr Ward being the Head Judge and he chose Paul Manzon’s chicken katsu curry as the worthy winner.

We’d like to thank everyone who entered and keeping everyone’s spirits up in these difficult days” added Mr Ward.

Paul’s curry looked delicious and he filmed his step by step guide to the perfect curry very professionally and methodically.

Ms Mehegan was impressed with all the yummy looking entries and reckons our lads could give Gordon Ramsey or Jamie Oliver a run for their money.