Mr McCormack was happy today to welcome back into school three groups of Year 10 boys for lessons.

Maths, Science and RE lessons ran smoothly with more students coming in on Wednesday and Friday.

Students had the chance to have a one to one conversation with a staff member and shared their lockdown experiences. They discussed how they had coped with remote learning and discussed strategies for their future learning.

The school has been specially adapted to deal with the new way of learning with social distancing measures and hand sanitisers in place to ensure the safety of students and staff.

The boys were glad to return to school and many stated that they had missed the day to day life of St Bonaventure’s.

Staff were so happy to see the boys too. It was an emotional day for everyone.

Mr McCormack explained: “Teachers were glad to have more boys coming in to join our existing key worker group that has been within us throughout lockdown in Cardinal Manning Hall. We look forward to more returning over the next few weeks as a school without pupils doesn’t feel right.”