Remember back to last week,Tuesday in fact, February 27, when the really bad weather and blizzards descended, it came as a bit of a shock when the weather took a sudden turn for the worse and visibility was poor with people scurrying about trying to get out of the icy snow as quickly as possible.

For one Year 13 6th Form St Bonaventure’s student, 18 year old Urfan Alam, it was business as usual as he was going offsite and was in Boleyn Road when he noticed a wallet on the snow-covered pavement. He immediately picked it up and walked back to school to hand it in to Mrs Norman in Reception.

Mrs Norman then set about trying to find out whose wallet it was and found an I.D. pass inside with the man’s photo and work number. After contacting his place of work, they told him his wallet had been found  and a local resident came in to collect his wallet really happy and relieved to get his credit cards and personal items back.

The man was so happy he came back in with £20 reward money for the student.

Today we finally managed to track down the kind pupil and Mr Halliwell thanked him for his public spirited action and handed over the reward.

Mrs Norman added: “I really should have made a note of the student’s name but it was really hectic  with the wintry weather and all week I have been looking for him and today I manged to find him. He was really shy and shocked that the man wanted to thank him this way as he felt he was just doing the right thing. I’m really glad we could reunite the wallet with its owner and I’m glad too  that Urfan’s good deed didn’t go unnoticed.”


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