Politics teacher Mr McDonald is a true hero today after reuniting a lost 2 year old boy with his mum after school last night, May 23.

Mr McDonald, was on his way home when saw the tot running out of West Ham Park alone and he ran after him when he realised he was unaccompanied and fearing he might come to serious harm. He brought him into school and the police and were called.

The boy spoke no English and was a little scared but seemed to settle once he was given juice and a biscuit by staff.

Meanwhile 4 students went running up Boleyn Road to try and find the toddler’s mum.

As luck would have it, a visitor to school was able to glean a few words from the tot and tell us the boy’s name and establish he had been in the park with his mum.

After a tense quarter of an hour the boy was reunited with his very worried mum.

Happy ending.

Thank you Mr McDonald and phew, what a superstar!

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