Newly qualified teachers (NQTs) are those who have gained Qualified Teacher Status but have not yet completed the statutory twelve-month programme known as the “induction for newly qualified teachers”.

At St Bonaventure’s we combine a personalised professional studies programme of development, support and professional dialogue with monitoring and an assessment of performance against the relevant teaching standards in order to ensure our NQTs are fully supported throughout their NQT year.

NQT Programme at St. Bonaventure’s:

  • NQT’s attend weekly one hour training sessions with the Professional Coordinating Mentor, as well as all relevant Continuing Professional Development (CPD) sessions held by staff throughout the academic year.
  • NQT professional studies programme equips NQT’s with the tools needed to be an effective and successful teacher.
  • NQT is mentored by more experienced teacher within own department.
  • Observation of the NQT’s takes place twice per half term.
  • Regular professional reviews of progress take place by both the PCM and the NQT’s mentor.
  • NQT’s observe teachers with varying degrees of experience, with targeted observation foci, in order to best develop their own practice.