Our 140th anniversary celebratory mass was a fantastic occasion yesterday, July 17,  with 13 priests and The Bishop of Brentwood con-celebrating in St Antony’s Church.

A host of alumni, former teachers, governors and headteachers and friends of St Bonaventure’s from far and wide travelled to join us at the mass.  A buffet and reception followed on the Friary lawn.

Students were treated to a free breakfast in the morning and had various sessions learning outside the classroom before mass started.

Here are some photos of the day.

  1. David Driscoll

    Just returned home to Yorkshire and wish to thank everyone at St Bons for putting on and organising such a brilliant 140th celebration.It was great to meet so many ex-pupils and teachers and to view so many old, but fascinating, photos which brought back so many memories of my time there. Most of all, the mass and the friary lawn refreshments that followed, showed what a really friendly, hospitable and fantastic school St Bons is. Many congratulations.

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