School Direct (Tuition Fee Route)

Agnus Dei Teaching School Alliance School Direct Tuition Fee (SDT) We work in partnership with Roehampton University, St Mary’s University, UCL (Institute of Education) and University of East London. We are offering School Direct Tuition Fee (SDT) places in the following subjects for 2020/2021: Art & Design Biology Chemistry Citizenship Computing Design & Technology Drama […]

Director Of Teaching School

Andy Lewis Director of Agnus Dei Catholic School Alliance “I’m very proud to welcome you to the Agnus Dei CSA website. We are working hard to provide a unique alliance and network of Catholic schools who work in a true spirit of collaboration, care and service to one another.” Contact:  

School History Timeline

1873 (Autumn) The Franciscans opened a ‘middle class school for boys’ beneath St Francis’ Church in Crescent Grove in Stratford with 25 students. This was called St Francis Day School and was only temporary accommodation, this closed a year later. 27 August 1877 St Bonaventure’s School in Upton was founded under the supervision of Father Germain […]

190927 – Is your school mentally healthy?

Is your school mentally healthy? Photo by Dan Meyers on Unsplash It is impossible to miss the headlines and discussion about the mental health of young people. What are schools supposed to do to help? “Leading a Mentally Healthy School” is a programme run by the Agnus Dei Teaching School Alliance in partnership with the St Edwards TSA. […]

Assistant Director of ADCSA

Emma Templeman We are looking for applicants who have the potential to become outstanding teachers, and who are able to work independently on their studies while training in a school context. We are committed to providing outstanding initial teacher training, offering a wide range of support to both our trainees and our excellent partner schools.  […]


Whilst most of us were enjoying a rest last week over half term, two of our 6th Form Year 12 students, Jamie Halliwell and Brendan Smith, were busy learning all about the world of democracy and politics at MP Stephen Timms’ Politics School. Only ten students were lucky enough to get on the prestigious week-long […]

Agnus Dei Catholic School Alliance

Agnus Dei Catholic School Alliance Internships 2021 CPD 2020/2021 Offer The Agnus Dei Catholic School Alliance is a partnership of Catholic Secondary Schools dedicated to supporting each other and providing a world-class education for all students in our schools. We believe in compassionate education where schools help each other and do not prey on each […]

School Leadership Team

Headteacher Mr Christopher McCormack Deputy Headteachers Mrs Á Burke – Teaching & Learning Mr P Larner – Pastoral Mr A Lewis – Catholic Life Assistant Headteachers Mr W Templeman – Lead Assistant Headteacher – Director of 6th Form Ms E Rahman – Assistant Director of 6th Form Ms M Roddy – Director of Well-being, Safety […]

Welcome From The Director of 6th Form

Welcome to the 6th Form Mr Wayne Templeman Director of 6th Form We believe we are the best 6th Form for your child because we support our students irrespective of their aspirations or achievements. We have a comprehensive intake and have a vast experience of helping students progress into a wide range of pathways and […]

Aims and Values

Agnus Dei Catholic School Alliance The Agnus Dei Catholic School Alliance is led by strong leaders that works with other schools to provide quality training, development and support to new and experienced school staff and is one that is rooted in Catholic values. Our aim is to secure the best quality teaching and learning for […]