14 boys from Years 8 and 9 were at Romford Magistrates Court today, March 10, to take part in a Mock Trial competition. 
 Once there, they assumed the role of magistrate, prosecution lawyer, defence lawyer, court artist and witness in the pseudo trial. 
The aim of the competition was to increase their knowledge of the court system in an innovative and exciting way. It helps build confidence, increases team work and the ability to develop an argument as well as improving their analytical  skills. 
St Bon’s went head to head with All Saints School in Dagenham in the first trial and won. 
The second trial proved more tricky and we lost to Campion who in turn lost to Sydney Russell School. 
Overall it was judged to be very interesting and informative day and our boys learned a great deal.
Thanks to Miss Salau for taking the boys. She added: ” This was the first time we had taken part in the competition and we did really well and they loved the formal setting and the play acting.”

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