The School Council aims to encourage students, teachers and all other members of staff to work together for the benefit of the whole school community by allowing every member of the school community to have their say in the development of the school.

The School Council members are elected through a democratic process and each Year group elects two students to represent them. The term of office is for one academic year.

By enabling students the opportunity to make a difference to the School Community the students can have a voice into decision making arenas and so experience democracy in action. Through the work of the school council students are encouraged to be active citizens in our school and local community.

If all the students speak with one voice
they give a clear message that everyone listens to,
so change is possible

The Headteacher attends all School Council meetings to answer any questions that the students have.

School Council Members for 2018 - 2019

Year 11
Head Boy - Chair
Chibuike Agu
Deputy Head Boy - Vice Chair
Kelvin Paul
Deputy Head Boy - Secretary
Adrian Osuoha
Year 10
Nathaniel Achea
Publicity Officer
Jesse Okoro
Publicity Officer
Year 9
Alan SabuBlessed Opoku
Year 8
William MoutsassiJames Obrenyah
Year 7
Christjose KarunakaranYusuf Umer
Staff Members
Ms P McNultyMr L Connolly
The students elected onto the school council by each Year group