Exams 2020

Information from Department for Education on this years exams awarding process



JCQ Update July 2020

JCQ (Joint Council for Qualifications) –  This infographic outlines the three phases in this year’s awarding system. We hope this will help schools and colleges explain the process to students and their parents/carers. You can find this on our website here:


Exam Results Dates 2020

13 August for A level and 20 August for GCSE


Autumn Exam Resit Opportunities

Deadline for A Level Exam entries – 4th September – Exams to take place in October 2020

Deadline for GCSE Exam entries – 18th September – Exams to take place in November 2020



Centres will be able to appeal results this Summer, in situations including where they have provided incorrect data, where they believe we have used the wrong data, where we have allocated or communicated results incorrectly and where they believe we have not followed our process consistently and fairly.

Ofqual have confirmed that students will not be able to challenge their individual centre assessment grades, as any appeal would have to be undertaken by someone better placed than the student’s teachers to judge their likely grade if exams had taken place. In the unique circumstances of this summer, Ofqual do not believe there is any such person. There are also potential risks for other students in the cohort: if one student successfully appealed against their position in the rank order, it would have negative implications for other students who would, in turn, need to be given an opportunity to appeal.

In cases where a student or others have concerns about bias, discrimination or any other factor that suggests that a centre did not behave with care or integrity when determining the centre assessment grade and/or rank order information then these should be raised with their centre. In circumstances where it would be more appropriate to do so they can also be raised with JCQ directly. Evidence of bias or discrimination communicated to the exam board will be investigated as an allegation of malpractice/maladministration.


JCQ Information for Candidates

Information for Candidates – Written Exams

Information for Candidates – NEA (Non Exam Assessment)

Information for Candidates – Coursework Assessments

Information for Candidates – JCQ Social Media

Information for Candidates – Privacy Notice


Appeals against Internal Assessments

Internal Appeals Policy and Procedures – St Bonaventure’s