Agnus Dei Teaching School Alliance

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Current School: St Thomas More, Westcliffe-On-Sea

Current Role: Teaching & Learning Leader

Previous Role: Curriculum Leader for English

D Jenkins

I have been a teacher for 25 years and in that time I have spent a great deal of it mentoring others. I ran the English department here at St Thomas More for ten years and now work in the Teaching and Learning department as the Teaching and Learning leader. My role is to oversee the training of staff, whether it be whole school, small group or at an individual level. Every student has a right to learn, a right to be taught by competent professional teachers who know their subject, care about the progress of the pupils and know how to make this happen in the classroom and I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to develop the craft of teaching with practical and proven methods based upon research and practice within the classroom. I  firmly believe in  Dylan Wiliam’s observation: ‘Show me a teacher who doesn’t fail every day and I’ll show you a teacher with low expectations for his or her students.

Daniel specializes in:

  • Leadership of CPD
  • Leadership of Curriculum

If you wish to request the support of Daniel please email