“Good Numeracy is the best protection against unemployment, low wages and poor health”

Andreas Schleicher – Education Director, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), 2013

Numeracy is the use of mathematical skills and processes in ‘Real Life’ situations. Much more than just using numbers and calculations.

Numeracy is prevalent in all areas across the curriculum. At St Bonaventure’s we believe that developing the Numeracy skills of our learners (and ensuring they use those skills!) will encourage a deeper understanding of learning in all subjects.

Numeracy is incorporated into lessons in the following ways:

  • Encouraging pupils to plan and prioritise, using diagrams or software.
  • Dealing with time; we gain an understanding of time through experience. Building in these experiences for pupils where possible will help to raise levels of Numeracy.
  • Money: activities to help pupils understand the value of money rather than just stating values.
  • Working with ratio, percentages, graphs. Using resources/games available to give pupils subject specific examples.

Numeracy merits are given out by all teachers and can be logged in the usual way.

Numeracy Events at St Bonaventure’s:

5 a Day

Each pupil in year 7, 8 and 9 spends one registration per week working from the Corbett Maths resources to improve their Numeracy skills. The boys work in mixed ability form groups to solve 5 problems with their form tutor.

Skills Days

Each year group takes part in a day focused on improving Literacy and Numeracy skills. These mainly take the form of a day-long challenge with cross-curricular links to other subject areas. Other skills developed during these days are public speaking, group/team work, ICT, creativity and innovation. Prizes are awarded for groups that show outstanding work and creativity.

Year 7 Skills Day Winners 2015-16

Year 7 Skills Day Winners 2015-16

Numeracy Week

A week dedicated to highlighting the importance of good numeracy skills across the school. Department reps are asked to submit plans for numeracy activities taking place in their subject that week. Activities and competitions run throughout the week, with prizes given out for effort.

Keep an eye on this page in the Summer Term for updates for Numeracy Week 2016!

Numeracy Challenges

Given out over the Christmas and Easter holidays these are fun activities to keep pupils in the habit of practising their numeracy skills. These are usually logic based puzzles but have included encouraging pupils, parents and the wider community to upload examples of good/bad numeracy in real life to our Facebook page.

Numeracy at Home

Parents are given advice at Curriculum evenings about how best to develop their son’s numeracy skills. Resources and ideas are provided, guidance on how to remove the fear and boredom some pupils feel when working with numbers, data or problems involving logic. Parents are encouraged to make numeracy part of everyday discussions and activities.

Ultimately we are aiming to ensure that our pupils leave us numerate and able to cope with the demands of everyday life. From understanding statistics in the media, being able to work confidently and competently with money, handle data and use different ways to present their findings through to being able to use logic, reasoning, prioritising and ordering to manage their everyday lives.