6th Form Student Leaders

On Thursday 14 July 2016 the new applicants to be the student leaders for the St Bonaventure’s 6th form were interviewed by;

  • Mr Paul Halliwell – Headteacher
  • Mr Wayne Templeman – Director of 6th Form

The candidates were interviewed and all of them performed very well under difficult circumstances. After much deliberation, the panel made their decision.

Congratulations to the new 6th Form Student Leaders


Head Boy – Nathan Vondee 

Nathan Vondee - Head Boy Website Version

I am extremely proud to be the Head Boy of such a prestigious 6th Form. From the very first day in Year 7, the staff of St Bonaventure’s have supported and guided me. They gave me chances and opportunities that no other school would provide for their students and due to this, I have nothing but love and intense respect for this institution and its staff.

St Bonaventure’s does not see individuals as just pupils, they see individuals as members of a family; the St Bonaventure’s family. You will be supported and cared for while being taught by the best teachers in London; they are the most dedicated people that I have ever met. So if you want to be part of a very lengthy line of success stories from Tim Campbell to Chuba Akpom and you want to be part of a school steeped in history and academic success, then you need to look no further than St Bonaventure’s,


Head Girl – Balqis Abukar

Head Girl Website Version

6th Form is one of the most stressful stages in any individual’s life and it is vital that your 6th Form caters to your learning needs, in order to allow you to achieve your full potential. Here at St Bonaventure’s, not only are the teachers outstanding practitioners, but they also ensure that every student is fully supported along their two year journey. We have a weekly bulletin which is emailed to all students so it gives everyone a sense of independence; we receive information, advice and guidance to help us decide on our future career paths; there is a wealth of enrichment activities available and our pastoral and academic needs are fully met.

The staff are driven professionals and their continuous striving for excellence is reflected in the students who they teach.  Being Head Girl of the 6th Form has allowed me to learn how to work collaboratively as well as independently.  I am proud to attend St Bonaventure’s because it helps me to be the best version of myself, academically, as well as personally.