Representatives from our 6th Form visited New Scotland Yard in Westminster, the Headquarters of The Metropolitan Police , yesterday, December 19, 2018.
A group of of thirteen Year 12 and 13 students went along with Mr Lewis and Ally from TELCO at the Citizens UK event. 
Verny Sutherland andJames Appiah spoke passionately about something that is very disturbing and affects teens all over London and Newham in particular and that is the worrying increase in youth violence. 
Chief Inspector Matthew Casey who is based in Waltham Forest and Newham  met the students outside the famous revolving sign and listened to them before responding, promising that youth safety was an absolute priority and that he wanted to build and strengthen relationships in the community.
He added that despite budget cuts, this area remains a key focus for the Metropolitan Police.
Paul Amuzie who is a community organiser in Harrow, and a former  St Bon’s student, was one of the lead organisers with over 100 people in attendance from all over the capital.
Chief Inspector Casey has been invited to the Newham Youth Violence Commission on 29th January 2019 that is being hosted at St Bonaventure’s in Boleyn Road. 
Headteacher of St Bonaventure’s, Paul Halliwell added: “I know this is a subject our caring 6th Form students feel passionately about as they  are acutely aware and see every day the impact the increasing violence has on their community. They all know someone who has been a victim of this violence  and they don’t want any other teenagers to become victims. I feel immensely proud of them for taking a stand and trying to find a solution. They are all excellent young adults who care deeply about others to put an end to this madness.”

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