Leading Practitioner for Languages Ms Prichard has been sharing her knowledge of German traditions and customs with her Year 7 German linguists all this term and the latest festive custom they learned about went down really well. 
St Nicholas traditionally leaves chocolates, nuts and oranges on St Nicholas Day as a treat for good boys and girls in shoes that are left out by excited children in the hope they will be filled with goodies when they wake in the morning. 
Twigs and lumps of coal can also be left if the ‘kinder’ haven’t been so good all year but our boys were hopeful they had been little angels and St Nick would fill their shoes with nice treats. 
Our lads got involved and left their shoes outside the door of their classroom to be filled by St Nicholas. 
It was a tense wait and at the end of the lesson the anticipation was over and Ms Prichard was delighted to report that as her Year 7 class had all been well behaved this year the news was all good. 
There were plenty of smiling faces all round as the boys went out to collect their filled shoes for the little angels  to enjoy their yummy treats. 
What a fun way to learn about how our European neighbours spend this special season. 
Thanks Ms Prichard or should that be Mrs Claus?

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