Last night, Wednesday September 4, Year 13 A Level stident, 17 year old Immanuell Raja, was awarded a certificate and prize for his entry into the inaugural St Mary’s University in Twickenham’a A Level Theology Essay Competition.

With nearly 100 entries from all over England and Wales, Immanuell’s response to the question, ‘Philosophical arguments for the existence of God cannot alone lead to belief in God – Discuss’, was given an “honourable mention” as he was awarded a strong second prize.

Immanuel wrote the essay based on his Year 12 RS studies and impressed the judges who were all St Mary’s lecturers and professors.

At the awards, Immanuell was put on the spot by Cardinal Vincent Nichols who wanted to know his conclusions to the burning question. Immanuel explained that he felt that philosophical arguments were useful, but are not enough on their own – something the Cardinal agreed with he admitted.

After the awards, the Cardinal left the ceremony with a copy of Immanuell’s essay which he said he would read on his way home.

Mr Lewis attended the awards with Immanuel and his family in his supportive role and was extremely proud to be there. Immanuel’s mum was thrilled to meet the Cardinal too.

Immanuel wants to study Law or Theology and is considering going to St Mary’s.

His prize was a book token.

What a perfect start to his Year 13 studies.

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