What would you do if you found a purse containing a significant amount of money, credit cards and personal belongings on your bus ride one morning?

We all know what we should do and what the right course of action should be, but this Year 11 student had no hesitation whatsoever as he knew exactly what he had to do.

He is being praised for doing the absolute right thing and taking it straight in to school so staff could do some detective work and set about reuniting it with its rightful owner.

After some inquiries, the purse’s owner was identified and it was returned to its worried owner who was both relieved and highly delighted to get her purse back.

The student picked up a certificate from the Headteacher yesterday, March 3, for his honesty, integrity and his calm and mature decision that day.

We would expect no less from a St Bonaventure’s student.

He is a fine young man and we are hugely proud of him.