I want to wish you all a peaceful and holy Easter period.

Little did we know this time last year, as we entered lockdown one, that we would still be facing up to the challenges presented by Covid. It has been a year that has tested us all in one way or another. I know that some families have been affected more by the loss of loved ones and the long term impact of illness. I pray that these families will find peace and we keep their loved ones in our prayers at this time.

The efforts of our pupils, families and staff over the past year have made me proud. Many have had to show strength and resilience to find new ways of working and supporting each other. Many actions that would have seemed very alien to us all a year ago have become the new norm and as a community we have tried to turn potential obstacles into opportunities.

Thank you again for all of your support, by pulling together we can continue to do the best for the children we serve. I believe that our pupils will continue to flourish and become people who reach their full potential and are ready to go into the world and make positive contributions to the common good and social justice. I have been pleased with the attitude with which our boys and girls have returned to school this term. They are a credit to their families and themselves.

During Lent we have been focusing on our journey towards Easter. Pope Francis recently reaffirmed the importance of fasting, almsgiving and prayer. He wrote “Fasting, prayer and almsgiving, as preached by Jesus (cf. Mt 6:1-18), enable and express our conversion. The path of poverty and self-denial (fasting), concern and loving care for the poor (almsgiving), and childlike dialogue with the Father (prayer) make it possible for us to live lives of sincere faith, living hope and effective charity.” For me the message of hope at this time is important. As a community of faith we must continue to focus on the future with hope in our hearts even in very testing times.

I pray that our children will have hope that, rather than being a lost Covid generation, they will aspire to go on and achieve great things. Please remember that we are here to help in any way that we can.

Please get in touch if you need our support.

Happy Easter and God Bless.


Christopher McCormack