Government & Politics

‘One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.’
Plato, Ancient Greek Philosopher

A ‘live subject’ with detailed analysis of current political events in the UK and the USA.
Students who like to debate, discuss and understand the causes and impact of political decisions and events should study Politics.

Students follow the Edexcel syllabus.  For more information see the Edexcel website. The course is 100% exam with no coursework required.

AS Course of Study A2 Course of Study
Unit 1: People and Politics

  1. Democracy and Political   Participation
  2. Party Policies and ideas
  3. Elections
  4. Pressure Groups
Unit 3: Representation in the USA

  1. Elections
  2. Political Parties
  3. Pressure Groups
  4. Race and Ethnic Politics
Unit 2: Governing the UK

  1. Constitution
  2. Parliament
  3. Prime Minister and Cabinet
  4. Judiciary
Unit 4: Governing the USA

  1. Constitution
  2. Congress
  3. The Presidency
  4. Supreme Court

We advice to students to follow current political events by reading broadsheet newspapers and watching political shows like Questiontime.

As part of the course students will visit Parliament and meet and question their local MPs.

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