VISITORS to St Bons School in Boleyn Road have been asking a pertinent question this week...Could this possibly be the biggest football shield in the World?




Surely it has to come close, as it stands almost a metre tall and is now proudly on display in reception at the Forest Gate school, drawing daily gasps of "wow" and " that's huge."


The object of all the attention is the enormous Dewar Shield London Cup that was won by last year's Year 10 under 15 football team (now year 11) back in May when St Bons was victorious over West Dulwich's  Kingsdale Foundation School.




The  final score on the day was 2-0 with the match being played close to home at Clapton FC's Old Spotted Dog ground.


Team coach and teacher, Graham Hayes,  is proud of his team and of the trophy but says he's glad he doesn't have the unenviable job of polishing it.


The trophy will remain at the school until next year's competition comes to its climax.