Head Boy & Deputies

New Student Leaders

On Wednesday 25th 2016 interviews were held for the new Student Leaders.

During the interview shortlisted candidates had to give a presentation to Ms Qurrey, Mr Robinson, Mr Hayes and Mrs Burke followed by some very difficult questions. The standard of the interview was exactly the same as that for a new member of the Teaching Staff.

As you can imagine, the boys were all very nervous.

All boys performed brilliantly, showing their skills of communication, love for the school community and they all showed great courage.

This made the decision of selection very difficult. At the end of the first day of interview the panel were still tied between two students. On Thursday 26th May 2016, the final two students were given an additional task. Both boys were told to organise a plan to show what they would do each half term of their Office and what they would hope to achieve in their year as Head Boy.

On Friday 27th May 2016, the Year 10 were told the outcome of the interview process in an Assembly before they went off on their Work Experience.

The new student leaders for St Bonaventure’s are:

Head Boy

Jamie Halliwell 10 Colman

“My Name is Jamie Halliwell & I am honoured to be the new Head Boy for St Bonaventure’s. I moved down to London from Liverpool in 2010 and attended St Joachim’s Primary School in Custom House. During my time in St Bon’s I have been involved in charity work. I am the Co-Chair of the CAFOD group and I am active in TELCO.  I can assure you that charity work in St Bonaventure’s will continue to be important, as I believe that we all should constantly be trying to improve the lives of others that are less fortunate than us. While it is a great honour to be your Head Boy I would also like to congratulate the rest of the team who’ve been voted to be Deputies, Senior Prefects and Prefects, I will be working very closely with them as working for the school is a team effort. We will be ensuring that St Bonaventure’s is a better school, adding to the already brilliant way the school has been led by previous Student Leadership Teams. The fantastic ‘Roll of Honour’ that has come before me is a list of extremely successful Head Boys  and I hope to be able to reach their standards. I would like to thank the Interview Panel for making me Head Boy and I will be a role model, a friend and a channel of peace for all students in the school. I am passionate about Justice, Peace, Civil Society and Equality and I will make St Bon’s a place where everyone feels able to participate and succeed.”

Roll Of Honour

Jamie Halliwell2017
Raphael Njoku2016
Ashley Singh2015
Alex Palfreman2014
Mark Kawesa2013
Geraint Garcia2012
Chris Achiampong2011
Larry Diai2010
Nick Philips2009
Head Boys of St Bonaventure's

Deputy Head Boys

Khama KamwenjeHenry Ogoli
Klaudio PrelaMatthew Brako
Alan KakkasseryDean Francis
Lawrence SsonkoJaden Etienne-Simmonds



Senior Prefects