Head Boy & Deputies

New Student Leaders

On Tuesday 23rd May 2017 interviews were held for the new Student Leaders. 21 boys in Year 10 were shortlisted for interview following an application process.

During the interview shortlisted candidates had to give a presentation to Ms Qurrey, Mr Ansu, Mr Hayes and Mr Halliwell, followed by some very difficult questions. The standard of the interview was exactly the same as that for a new member of the Teaching Staff.

The standard of the interview was exactly the same as that for a new member of the Teaching Staff.

As you can imagine, the boys were all very nervous.

All boys performed brilliantly, showing their skills of communication, love for the school community and they all showed great courage. This made the decision of selection very difficult.

On the morning of Wednesday 24th May, the boys were informed of the decision of the panel.

The new student leaders for St Bonaventure’s are:

Head Boy

Samuel Jackson 10 Colman

“I am delighted to be elected as the new Head Boy for St Bonaventure’s. Having the role of Head Boy is an honour and being able to lead the school positively and improve the wellbeing of students, staff, parents and the community of St Bonaventure’s is something that during the time of my leadership, I will strive to achieve. During my time at St Bonaventure’s, I have seen the students and staff around me grow in only kindness, love and faith. Having a great community around me has led me to become the Bon’s boy I am today and I could not be more privileged to have the role of Head Boy. I am now working alongside a fantastic group of student leaders who will work with me to help build and grow the school as a whole, leaving only a footprint of greatness for the time ahead. I will strive to do everything I can to build upon St Bonaventure’s already fantastic reputation and will be sure to build positively upon the school community in the following year.”

Before attending St Bonaventure’s, Samuel was a pupil at Kaizen Primary School in Plaistow.

Deputy Head Boys


Tony ThomasReece Worme
Gabriel PontinJames Appiah

Senior Prefects