Facing the Challenges: Student Council Training Day 2016

On Tuesday 8th November 2016, the newly-elected Student Council traveled off to Brentwood for the day to build on their leadership skills as Student Councillors, as well as, improving on their figures as Bonaventurians. The students kick-started their day by heading off to the Sion Training Centre, participating in many icebreakers and teambuilding exercises, getting to know one another as a ‘work force’ for the school. Despite the ‘physical’ exercises imposed on them, they seemed to make good use of it by relating it all back to their work as Councillors for St Bons!

After a morning of indoor brain work, the students went off to get some fresh air – and no better place to do it than at the high level air based rope course at Rope Runners, near the renowned Nuclear Bunker! The students were placed at certain levels with a whole load of challenges at their faces.

But, the students did very well to conquer the challenges, as well as all of those that day. So, a big well done to this year’s Student Councillors and a lot is expected of them!

The Student Council Remember…

The Student Council join the tributes and services as they also remember the fallen at the Annual Remembrance Service in Central Park. The Student Council left school early in the morning to attend the commemoration service that marked the end to the years of war in 1916.

The students wore their poppies with pride and listened carefully to the readings and poems presented at the ceremony, about the life at the war. Many other primary and secondary schools in Newham attended – despite their faith – to acknowledge the significance of Newham raised soldiers in the fighting.

It was indeed a very solemn, but proud day, both for our fallen and our students…

New School Council Meet The Canteen Staff

The School Council in 2015 – 2016 decided that they wanted to look at improving the quality and quantity of food available in the Canteen. Throughout the year they met with Mr Burns, our Business Manager and a consultant that was brought in to assist with the process. Eventually, the catering went out to tender and the School Council decided upon using a company called “Lunch Time”.

In September 2016, the new company took over the catering. The students and staff in the school agree that the choice and quality has improved greatly, as has the size of the portions.

Well done to the School Council – a great Job


Publicity Officers Daniel & Roy meet with Jane Barlow who is the Chief Cook

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